Box Canyon : P-2042

[ Active ]

Waterway: Pend Oreille R

Authorized capacity: 60 mW

License issued: 7/11/2005
License expires: 6/30/2055

Licensee: Pud No 1 Of Pend Oreille Cnty

The Project is located on the Pend Oreille River 34.4 miles above its confluence with the Columbia. Average flow at the dam site is 26,244 cfs.  The highest recorded flood was 171,000 cfs with a mean average flood stage of 79,445 cfs.  The 46 foot high dam is made of reinforced concrete with an integral spillway.  The 8,850 acre reservoir is 55.7 miles long and has a maximum operating water level is 2030.6 feet and a fluctuation of 3 feet.  It is a run-of-the-river facility.  Albeni Falls Dam, an Army Corps of Engineers project, controls water flow rates 57 miles upstream.  There are four  generating units on the Project, which produce 60 MW at full load at a total flow of 27,500 cfs. Its peak capacity is 78 MW.  In 1998, Box generated 498,970,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. The City of Seattle is the licensee for the Boundary Hydroelectric Project downstream of the Box Canyon facility.

The PUD entered a settlement agreement for the amendment of their license in 1998 for the remainder of the current license (2002) with a value of $7.436 million.  These agreements include $1.137 million to the Kalispell Tribe (plus rent), $2.5 million for wildlife habitat acquisition, protection, mitigation and enhancement projects, $200,000 for erosion control measures, $900,000 for O&M at 3 Forest Service developed sites, and $75,000/year for milfoil control.



License Issued 07-11-2005