Brown Bridge : P-2978

[ Active ]

Waterway: Boardman R

Authorized capacity: 0.8 mW

License issued: 9/24/1984
License expires: 8/31/2014


Powerhouse capacity of 0.725 MW
Dam- 46 ft by 2400 ft, owned by county
Brown Bridge Pond – 151 sq. miles

The settlement agreement signed in 2002 and the license surrender approved in 2005 opened doors for potential of dam removal on Boardman river, a state designated “Natural River.”

In December, 2006, FERC approved the final surrender of the license and exemptions.  The dams are now under the supervision of MDEQ under the Michigan Dam Safety Act.  The required drawdown of the Boardman Pond was completed in September, 2007.

The development of the engineering/feasibility study has begun.  The Implementation Team has approved two work orders for the contractor, Environmental Consulting and Technology (ECT). The first work order addresses identification of issues associated with the Boardman Pond drawdown and the second work order deals with baseline economic and social analysis.

The Implementation Team and the Boardman River Dams Committee jointly meet monthly to review status of the engineering/feasibility studies and the reports of the Team Committees created to address specific issues.  The public comment period is currently open for the three Engineering and Feasibility Study reports that are available.

The reports are the Boardman River Fisheries Existing Data Report; Economic and Social Analysis of the Boardman River Dams, and A Summary of Terrestrial Habitats in the Boardman River Watershed.  The reports can be viewed on the Boardman website at http:///theboardman.org/.

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