Gartina Falls : P-14066

[ Active ]

Waterway: Gartina Creek

Authorized capacity: 0.45 mW

License issued: 1/29/2013
License expires: 12/31/2063

Licensee: Inside Passage Electric Cooperative

This 450 kW project was licensed in Jan 2013 and will involve construction of a new dam 56-foot long and 14-foot high concrete diversion dam on the Gartina Creek near the Town of Hoonah, Alaska. The dam will create a 1.7 acre reservoir.

Inside Passage Electric Cooperative owns the license for the project and will operate the project in a run-of-river mode. According to the license,

The diversion dam will divert between 11 cfs and 110 cfs from Gartina Creek through the intake chamber to the project penstock, which will convey flows to the powerhouse.  After the flow entering the powerhouse passes through the turbine, the discharge will be split.  Ten cfs will be diverted to the base of Gartina Falls through the minimum flow discharge pipe to provide a constant source of water to the pool at the base of Gartina Falls, 125 feet downstream from the diversion.  All remaining discharge flows over 10 cfs will be returned to Gartina Creek through an opening in the foundation of the powerhouse floor suspended over Gartina Creek, bypassing about 205 feet of Gartina Creek.  The estimated annual generation for the project is 1,810 megawatt-hours.

The license requires that construction begin within the next two years and complete within the next five.



License Application Filed 05-25-2012
EA Issued 12-07-2012
License Issued 01-29-2013