Lake Dorothy Hydroelectric Project P-12379

General information

Waterway  Dorothy Creek
Current status   Active license 
Type of facility Conventional Hydro
Type of permit FERC License

FERC information

FERC docket # P-12379
FERC project name Lake Dorothy
Permit issued 12/19/03
Permit expiration 11/26/53

Ownership and operation

Owner Alaska Electric Light&Power Co
Owner type Investor-Owned Utility
Year first online (conventional hydro) 2009
Transmission or distribution system owner Alaska Electric Light&Power Co

Power and generating capacity

Number of units 1
Total capacity from hydraulic turbine-generator units within each plant 14.3 mW
Average annual net hydropower generation 74,730.8 mWH

The proposed project would be located at Lake Dorothy on Dorothy Creek, near Juneau, Alaska.

The proposed project consists of:

(1) the 1,138-acre Lake Dorothy and 305-acre Bart Lake;

(2) a lake tap of Lake Dorothy to convey water to Bart Lake, located near the Lake Dorothy outlet about 143 feet below the water surface;

(3) a lake tap of Bart Lake about 119 feet below the normal water surface;

(4) an 8.8-acre access corridor, with an overall clearing limit of 60 to 80 feet, from the powerhouse to the Bart Lake tap and penstock interface;

(5) a 6,900-foot-long power conduit from Bart Lake, consisting of a lake tap, short power tunnel, and 60-inch-diameter above-ground penstock;

(6) a 49-foot-wide, 110-foot-long powerhouse with one 14.3-MW Pelton impulse-type turbine/generator;

(7) a 2.6-acre site near the Taku Inlet tidewater that would be used for the combined powerhouse, maintenance shop and emergency crew quarters and would also serve as the construction staging area;

(8) a 100 to 125-foot-long tailrace that discharges into Taku Inlet;

(9) a switchyard and substation located adjacent to the powerhouse with a 138-kilovolt (kV) circuit breaker and 13.8-kV/138-kV step up transformer;

(10) a 3.5-mile-long, 138-kV overhead transmission line from the powerhouse to an intertie switchyard located at the east terminal of Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority’s existing Snettisham Hydroelectric Project;

(11) a primitive access road from the powerhouse site to the Bart Lake lake tap and penstock interface; and

(12) other appurtenant facilities.

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