Merwin : P-935

[ Active ]

Waterway: Lewis R

Authorized capacity: 136 mW

License issued: 6/26/2008
License expires: 5/31/2058

Licensee: Pacificorp

The Merwin Project (P-935) obtained its license in combination with three other projects: Swift No. 1 (P-2111), Yale Project (P-2071), and Swift No. 2 (P-2213). Collectively, these projects have once license and are known as Lewis River Projects.

The Merwin Project is the oldest and most downstream of the Lewis River Projects. It is located on the North Fork of Lewis River in Cowlitz and Clark Counties, WA and includes a concrete arch dam 313-foot-high and 1,252 feet wide.



License Issued 06-26-2008