Mission : P-2619

[ Active ]

Waterway: Hiwassee R

Authorized capacity: 1.8 mW

License issued: 10/25/2011
License expires: 9/30/2041

Licensee: Northbrook Carolina Hydro Ii, LLC.

The Mission Project is located in western North Carolina at River Mile 106 on the Hiwassee River within the Hiwassee River Basin, just upstream of the Cherokee County line. The Tennessee Valley Authority’s Chatugue dam and the Town of Hayesville are located 15 miles and 9 miles, respectively, upstream of the Mission dam.The Mission Project consists of: (1) a 397-foot-long, 50-foot-high concrete dam that includes, beginning at the left abutment (a) a 66-foot-long non-overflow concrete gravity section, (b) a 126-foot-long gated spillway section with seven bays and Tainter gates, (c) a 72-foot-long non-overflow concrete gravity section, (d) a 54-foot-long intake section with three intake bays, and (e) a 79-foot-long non-overflow concrete gravity section; (2) a 47-acre reservoir (Mission Reservoir) at normal full pond elevation 1,658.17 feet mean sea level (msl); (3) three 56-foot-long concrete penstocks; (4) a powerhouse containing three turbine/generating units, the 500-kilowatt (kW) generating unit No. 1, the 500-kW generating unit No. 2, and the 800-kW generating unit No. 3, with a total installed capacity of 1.8 MW; and (5) appurtenant facilities. Because project power is transmitted directly to a single three-phase transformer switchyard which abuts the powerhouse, there is no primary transmission line at the project. There are currently no project recreation facilities.

Source: FERC