Natural Dam : P-2851

[ Active ]

Waterway: Oswegatchie R

Authorized capacity: 1.02 mW

License issued: 9/6/2011
License expires: 5/1/2052

Licensee: Dunn Paper

The Natural Dam Project consists of:  a 230-foot-long, 3-foot-high concrete dam with a 155-foot-long spillway equipped with a 2.2-foot-high inflatable rubber dam and a 180-foot-long auxiliary dam/spillway; a 570-acre impoundment with a normal water surface elevation of 396.0 National Geodetic Vertical Datum (NGVD) ; a 152-foot-long headpond connected to a wooden power flume; a powerhouse containing three turbines directly connected to two 300-kW and one 420-kW generating units for a total installed capacity of 1,020 kW; a tailrace; and an 80-foot-long, 23-kilovolt transmission line.

The project creates a 570-foot-long bypassed reach.  There are no recreational facilities at the project.

Source: FERC


Revised Study Plan Submitted 01-22-2008
Settlement Filed 03-04-2010