Rocky Reach : P-2145

[ Active ]

Waterway: Columbia R

Authorized capacity: 865 mW

License issued: 2/19/2009
License expires: 1/31/2052

Licensee: Pud No 1 Of Chelan County

Proceeding downstream from the Canadian-U.S. border, the first two dams on the Columbia River are Grand Coulee and Chief Joseph, both of which are federally owned and operated.

The next five dams are all under Commission license: the 774-MW Wells Project No. 2149; the Rocky Reach Project No. 2145; the 623-MW Rock Island Project No. 943; and the 1,893-MW Priest Rapids Project No. 2114, which includes two dams. These seven dams are collectively called the “mid-Columbia dams.”

The project consists of an 8,235-acre reservoir13 and a 2,847-foot-long by 130-foot-high concrete gravity dam spanning the river.



License Issued 02-19-2009
Draft EIS Issued 08-31-2005
Settlement Agreement Submitted to FERC 03-20-2006