School Street : P-2539

[ Active ]

Waterway: Mohawk R

Authorized capacity: 38.8 mW

License issued: 2/15/2007
License expires: 2/14/2047

Licensee: Erie Boulevard Hydropower, L.p.

The project is located on the Mohawk River in Albany and Saratoga Counties, New York.

The School Street Project dam was constructed in 1831. Electric power generation commenced in 1916, and additional generating units were added in 1922 and 1925. The 16-foot-high dam, located about 4,000 feet above Cohoes Falls, impounds a reservoir with a surface area of about 100 acres. Water is diverted at the dam to a power canal, through which it is conveyed to a powerhouse just below Cohoes Falls, and then is returned to the Mohawk River.

The School Street Project includes a 1,280-foot-long, 16-foot-high masonry gravity overflow-type dam that impounds a 100-acre reservoir.



License Issued 02-15-2007
Second Circuit Court Annuls 2007 License 08-10-2009
License Application Filed 12-23-1991
Settlement Filed 03-09-2009
DEA Issued 11-20-1996
FEA Issued 09-08-2001