Silver Lake : P-11478

[ Active ]

Waterway: Sucker Brook

Authorized capacity: 2.2 mW

License issued: 2/26/2009
License expires: 1/31/2039

Licensee: Green Mountain Power Corp

This is an original license under Part I of the Federal Power Act (FPA), to continue operation and maintenance of its unlicensed 2.2-megawatt (MW) Silver Lake Hydroelectric Project located on Sucker Brook in Addison County, Vermont. Although the project does not occupy any federal land, it is surrounded by the Green Mountain National Forest.

The existing Silver Lake Project includes the Sugar Hill storage reservoir and Goshen dam, Sucker Brook diversion dam, and Silver Lake Development, all of which are hydrologically connected.



Original License Application Filed 05-09-1994
Draft EA Issued 08-29-1996
Final EA Issued 03-13-1997
License Issued 02-26-2009