Smith Mountain : P-2210

[ Active ]

Waterway: Roanoke R

Authorized capacity: 636 mW

License issued: 12/15/2009
License expires: 3/31/2040

Licensee: Appalachian Power Co

This 636 MW project consists of two-dams, two-reservoirs combination pumped storage and conventional hydroelectric projects. The project is located on the headwaters
of the Roanoke River in Bedford, Campbell, Franklin, and Pittsylvania counties in Virginia.

The 586 MW Smith Mountain development is a pumped storage project while the 50 MW Leesville development is a conventional hydropower project.

Water management (e.g., lake levels and instream flows)Erosion and sedimentation within Smith Mountain and Leesville lakesEffect on the Roanoke logperchLoss of littoral zone habitat in both lakesControlling invasive aquatic vegetationRecreational access needs, and Managing navigation aids and floating debris within the two lakes.



License Application filed 03-26-2008
FEIS Released 08-07-2009
License Issued 12-15-2009