Somerset Dam P-2323

General information

Current status   Active license 
Type of permit FERC License

FERC information

FERC docket # P-2323
FERC project name Deerfield River
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The Deerfield Project is on the Deerfield River, running along the border of Massachusetts and Vermont. Nine hydropower dams make up this project, which received a new license in 1997.

  • Water diversions once made 12 of the 66 river miles of the Deerfield barren. After minimum flow requirements were placed in the license, water has returned to these dry reaches in seasonally variant flows.
  • Operational changes enhanced the stabilization of reservoir levels, encouraging the growth of fish and bird populations.
  • Before the new license, dam operations caused unnatural fluctuating flows in 33 miles of the river.
  • Since relicensing, recreation has swelled beyond expectation. New operations held special flow releases and kept water in the river for boating.
  • The dam owner also agreed to protect local lands from aggravations such as soil erosion or excessive nutrient depletion, and to manage their flows to protect wildlife habitat.

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