Winfield : P-1290

[ Active ]

Waterway: Kanawha R

Authorized capacity: 14.76 mW

License issued: 1/31/2014
License expires: 1/31/2064

Licensee: Appalachian Power Co

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The Windfield project received a 50-year operating license in January 2014. The project is located on the Kanawha River on the US Army Corps of Engineers’ dams and locks. This project is located downstream from the London/Marmet project (P-1175) which received its license in December 2013.

According to the license,

  • To ensure the uninterrupted navigational operations of the Corps’ dam and  associated facilities, the license requires project operation consistent with a new  Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and operating agreement between Appalachian and  the Corps. The license requires the project to be operated in run-of-river mode and  requires an operation and compliance monitoring plan to ensure that Appalachian meets  these requirements.
  • To enhance the recreational user’s experience, the license requires Appalachian to develop and implement a recreation plan to include the addition of trash and restroom facilities at the tailrace fishing area and to document maintenance and operation of the existing parking area, paths, stairs, and tailrace fishing pier.
  • To protect birds from mortality due to electrocution and collision at the project substation or related electrical structures, this license requires Appalachian to develop and implement an avian protection plan.
  • To protect cultural resources, the license requires Appalachian to prepare and implement an Historic Properties Management Plan (HPMP) for the project.



Proposed Study Plan Filed 01-26-2009
Study Plan Determination Issued 06-25-2009
Environmental Assessment Released 12-04-2012
License Issued 01-31-2014