Sample Study Request for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Hydropower Reform Coalition, Alabama Rivers Alliance


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Reservoir EmissionsSample pleadingsTools and GuidesPublished   12/8/2022

Hydropower projects produce methane and other greenhouse gas emissions, but while there is a robust body of scientific research proving this, the vast majority of hydro projects have not been assessed for their emissions. This sample study request is designed to help practitioners make a compelling case for this GHG assessment at any project, with the goal of this becoming a standard component of a licensing study plan.

This sample study request contains scientific background and legal background, including sections on goals and objectives, public interest considerations, existing information/need for additional information, project nexus, methodology, and level of cost and effort.

This request can be modified to suit the needs of individual projects and to incorporate emerging information. It has been drafted for use in the Integrated Licensing Process (ILP), but can be modified for use in the Alternative Licensing Process or the Traditional Licensing Process.

If possible, study requests should be made at the Study Plan Development and NEPA scoping stage of an ILP (re)licensing (see the HRC Citizen Guide for Effective Participation in Hydropower Licensing § 4.4). Additional study requests can be filed later in an ILP proceeding, although the study requester will need to show good cause (see HRC Citizen Guide § 4.5.2).

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