2022 North Fork Feather (CA) Releases and Opportunities

Published 3/18/2022  |  American Whitewater

American Whitewater is happy to confirm boating opportunities for the North Fork Feather River on the Rock Creek and Cresta Reach for 2022. These flows are a part of license operations and were included in the hydropower license order that American Whitewater helped negotiate with Pacific Gas & Electric.


Currently, the water year forecast is DRY for the North Fork Feather which allows for releases of 700 cfs on the Rock Creek Reach through the end of March. If the water year forecast remains Dry, boaters can expect releases of 500 cfs on Rock Creek through September and on Cresta through June. However, if we drop into a Critically Dry water year forecast these flows will be discontinued and we will revert to minimum instream flows.


Keep in mind these flows are in addition to the makeup releases of 1000 cfs for Rock Creek on April 2, 3 & 9 and for Cresta on April 2 & 3. As well as the 2022 scheduled recreational flows on Rock Creek to be provided July 23 & 24, Aug 27 & 28 and September 24 & 25 (Saturdays at 800 cfs and Sundays at 700 cfs).




Theresa Simsiman

Sacramento, CA

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