Skagit River Recreation Flow Survey (WA)

Published 8/12/2022  |  American Whitewater

Seattle City Light is in the process of securing a new license to operate the Skagit Hydroelectric Project before the current licensee expires in 2025. As part of that process a number of studies are underway that include an assessment of the impacts of hydropower operations on recreation.

To collect information from the public, Seattle City Light is conducting an online recreation flow survey for three river segments on the Skagit River. American Whitewater, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, and North Cascades National Park participated in the development of this study plan.

The purpose of this recreation flow survey is to gather information about recreation flow preferences for three river segments on the Skagit River along a 25.2-mile length from the Goodell Creek Boat Launch inside the Ross Lake National Recreation Area to Howard Miller Steelhead Park near Rockport.

The river segments include the following:

  • Goodell Creek Boat Launch to Copper Creek Boat Access Site (the S-Bends whitewater section) (8.7 miles);
  • Copper Creek Boat Access Site to Marblemount Boat Launch (5.9 miles); and
  • Marblemount Boat Launch to Howard Miller Steelhead Park (the eagle viewing section) (10.6 miles).

The online survey is best viewed using a computer screen. The survey will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes to complete. Question formats are not ideal for smaller screens such as mobile devices.

Take the Survey <>

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. Your input is greatly appreciated and will enhance American Whitewater’s ability to ensure protection, mitigation, and enhancement measures in a future hydropower license meet community needs.

Please encourage others with knowledge of recreation flows in these three segments of the Skagit River to participate in the survey. The survey will remain open through September 2022.

Separate from this online flow survey, American Whitewater is also working with Seattle City Light and other parties engaged in the relicensing process to evaluate opportunities for whitewater recreation in the Skagit Gorge between Gorge Dam and Gorge Powerhouse.

For more information about the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project relicensing process please visit the Project relicensing website at Individuals are also encouraged to contact American Whitewater with any questions on recreational studies or what we hope to achieve in hydropower relicensing.

By Thomas O’Keefe