Nantahala : P-2692

[ Active ]

Waterway: Nantahala R

Authorized capacity: 43.2 mW

License issued: 2/8/2012
License expires: 1/31/2042

Licensee: Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC.

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The Nantahala Project is located in western North Carolina on the Nantahala River and on two tributaries, Dicks Creek and White Oak Creek.  The Nantahala Project consists of a reservoir, an earth and rock fill dam, power conduits, a surge tank, and a powerhouse containing a single 43.2 MW generating unit.  The project also includes three small diversion dams that provide additional water for generation and flows into the bypassed reaches.  The Diamond Valley dam and Dicks Creek dam are located on Dicks Creek and the White Oak Creek dam is located on White Oak Creek.

The Nantahala development bypasses a 9.3-mile-long stream reach (bypassed reach) of the Nantahala River between the Nantahala dam located at river mile (RM) 22.6 and the Nantahala powerhouse located at RM 13.3

Source: FERC



Application for License Filed 02-20-2004
Draft EA Issued 02-09-2006
Final EA Issued 07-12-2006
New License Issued 02-08-2012