Claytor Project, New River, Virginia

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This project is located on the New River in Pulaski County in Virginia. The stretch of river from Claytor Dam to Eggleston offers recreationists ample opportunities to fish and float the wide and relatively slow flow with beautiful scenery of high cliffs. Downstream of the Peppers Ferry Bridge is a series of Class I-II ledges for whitewater paddling. McCoy Falls, also known as Big Falls, is located further downstream where the river breaks through Walker Mountain. This ledge provides a popular whitewater play spot, and location of the New River rodeo with adequate water levels.

The new license does not include any new development or modifications to project operation other than the measures contained within the resource management plans that were developed in consultation with project stakeholders, including: (1) the June 2009 Erosion Monitoring Plan, (2) the June 2009 Sedimentation Monitoring Plan, (3) the June 2009 Water Management Plan,11 (4) the June 2009 Water Quality Monitoring Plan, (5) the June 2009 Freshwater Mussel Adaptive Management Plan, (6) the June 2009 Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan, (7) the June 2009 Habitat Management Plan, (8) the June 2009 Fringed Mountain Snail Management Plan, (9) the June 2009 Recreation Management Plan, (10) the June 2009 Debris Management Plan, (11) the June 2009 Aids to Navigation Management Plan, and (12) the June 2009 Shoreline Management Plan. In addition to the plans filed with the application, Appalachian Power’s July 2010 Historic Properties Management Plan (HPMP) addressed cultural resources at the project.

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Hydropower license summaries

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