Hancock Creek Project, Hancock Creek, Washington

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License SummariesNorthwestPublished   3/1/2020

The Hancock Creek Hydroelectric Project is located on Hancock Creek, a tributary to the North Fork Snoqualmie River, near the city of North Bend, WA. A newly licensed project, the August 1, 2013 order allows for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the 6-megawatt run-of-the-river hydropower operation. The project is located on private timber land and flows for approximately 1.6 miles from Hancock Lake to its confluence with the North Fork Snoqualmie River.

The project involves the construction of a dam across Hancock Creek which will create a small reservoir, an intake, a penstock, a powerhouse, a tailrace, a transmission line, and several access roads.

License summary originally prepared in 2017. Updated in 2020 in partnership with River Management Society.

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