Mid-Snake River Projects, Snake River, Idaho

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Snake River is the largest tributary of the Columbia River and is more than 1,000 miles long. The Snake River has more than 23 dams on its mainstem making it one of the most dammed rivers in the Northwest. The river is used for power generation, water supply and irrigation.

The Shoshone Falls, Upper and Lower Salmon Falls, and the Bliss projects are together referred to as the mid-Snake projects. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued licenses for the mid-Snake projects and the C.J. Strike project at once based on the multi-party settlement which encompasses all five projects.

The Mid-Snake Projects are located on the Snake River in south-central Idaho near the cities of Hagerman and Bliss, Idaho. The projects span more than 25 miles, from the main diversion dam at the Upper Salmon Falls Project downstream to the Bliss Dam. Between these facilities are the Lower Salmon Falls Dam and a free-flowing stretch of the Snake River known as the Wiley Reach.

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