Kayaking on the Elwha River Photo by Thomas O'Keefe

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From California Sportfishing Protection Alliance   9/13/2023

Good News for Fish: Clean Water Act Holds for PG&E Hydropower Projects on Yuba and Bear Rivers

From Idaho Rivers United   9/1/2023

Salmon campaign update, summer 2023

From Idaho Rivers United   8/31/2023

Environmental policy updates: NEPA, BLM, & public lands

Reservoir Emissions:
The science is clear

Interactive feature:
Dam Effects


Reports › Tribal Resources   3/7/2021

Collaborations in Indian Country

Collaborations in Indian Country is a primer on the importance of social justice work and a collection of interviews with members of tribal nations that have worked closely with HRC and its members.

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Presentations and trainings › Videos   2/23/2023

WorkshOPP: Tips for Powerful Comments

Factsheets › Reservoir Emissions   12/8/2022

Factsheet: Hydropower Dams Across the U.S. are Leaking Methane

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Monroe Street P-2545

 Active license Conventional Hydro

FERC project name: Spokane River

Spokane Falls, WA

Our national map of hydro dams