Dam owners present hydropower as a “clean” technology. But outdated dams can hurt rivers.

Big Beaver Valley, Skagit River, WA Photo by Nick O'Neil

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From California Trout   11/30/2023

Action Alert: Tell PG&E To Urgently Remove Eel River Dams

From Trout Unlimited   11/28/2023

The Way Forward for the Eel River

From American Whitewater   11/27/2023

Great Falls of the Catawba Good and Getting Better! (SC)

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Reservoir Emissions:
The science is clear

Celebrating Elwha River restoration

Our national map of hydropower dams


Case Studies › Hydro Guides   10/10/2023

Practitioner’s Guide to Hydropower Dam Removal

This is a comprehensive guide for dam owners and practitioners on removing hydropower dams regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Removing dams is a common practice and a good option for dam owners or licensees who determine that the expense of ownership is too great relative to the benefits provided by their dams.

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License Summaries › Mountain West   3/1/2020

Mystic Lake, West Rosebud Creek, Montana

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