Dam owners present hydropower as a “clean” technology. But outdated dams can hurt rivers.

Steelhead Photo by Will Boucher, California Trout

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From Idaho Rivers United   11/17/2021

What happens to fish populations when dams are removed?

From California Trout   11/17/2021

Infrastructure Bill and Improvements to Fish Passage

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What are the facts behind Klamath Dam Removal? How does the Klamath salmon issues impact jobs, coastal towns and commercial fishermen?
The new West Coast Water Justice is out. This week we talk to Glen Spain
Listen at https://www.westcoastwaterjustice.org/ or anywhere you get podcasts.

Centuries ago, our beautiful homeland was teeming with salmon. Now, we are lucky to see a salmon run. Join indigenous people to advocate for the removal of the lower dams on the Snake River. Let our sacred river Naxiyam Wana flow free.

Sign up today at http://Bit.ly/salmonorca

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Celebrating 10 years of Elwha River restoration

Our national map of hydropower dams


Reports › Tribal Resources   3/7/2021

Collaborations in Indian Country

Collaborations in Indian Country is a primer on the importance of social justice work and a collection of interviews with members of tribal nations that have worked closely with HRC and its members.

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Court cases   1/1/1997

Southern California Edison Co. v. FERC

License summaries › Southeast   10/1/2018

Monongahela River Projects, Monongahela River, West Virginia

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