Wildlife in the Upper Similkameen Valley, WA Photo by Rich Bowers

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From Trout Unlimited   5/26/2022

The next half-century of hydro

From Alabama Rivers Alliance   5/26/2022

Jack’s Spring Policy Update

From Appalachian Mountain Club   5/20/2022

Four Key Ties Between Conservation and Recreation

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Native American tribes to co-manage national monument for first time https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2022/06/20/bears-ears-national-monument-tribes/?tid=ss_tw

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Our national map of hydropower dams


Tribal Resources › Videos   12/17/2020

Guardians of the River

In this film by American Rivers and Swiftwater Films, Indigenous leaders share why removing four dams to restore a healthy Klamath River is critical for clean water, food sovereignty and justice. 

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Case Studies   6/1/2009

Lake Chelan Project

Presentations and trainings › Videos   2/18/2022

Hydropower’s Role in a Changing Energy Market

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